About us

I am Deniza Skocic, a professional real estate agent and CEO that has operated both locally and internationally for more than 17 years. I have decided to open a real estate agency in Split, Croatia because the properties in this country are surrounded by amazing landscapes with stunning views. The food is excellent and people are very friendly. In addition, the climate is pleasant, with good weather all year round and mild winters. The combination of the nature and the Croatian lifestyle is a truly unique experience.

Working in the real estate sector is something that I earnestly love, because it is a very dynamic and interactive industry. The smile on the customers’ face gives me happiness and ambition to become even more successful in what I am doing. It is a great feeling to be renowned as a trustful CEO that is fully committed to the best outcomes of the purchasers, sellers and of course the agency itself.

The success of Croatian Estate Agency is all fruit of hard work, dedication and strong relationships with our clients that have been built upon loyalty. This would not be possible without the support and motivation of our team consisted of agents, accountants, architects and builders. Consequently, Croatian Estate Agency is happy to continue with this winning customer mindset, aiming entirely on making our clients satisfied from both our properties and services. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to make the customer feel content, comfortable and safe.

Employees working for Croatian Estate Agency realize that purchasing a property is a very delicate process. The agency is in contact with buyers from all over the world. We step in customers’ shoes in order to understand the exact way they want to enjoy and to understand what makes them feel at home. Hence, in order to satisfy the customers’ demands, Croatia Estate Agency is actively involved in all segments of real estate business such as villas, houses, lands, apartments and business premises.