How to purchase a property in Croatia

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, we are here to provide you with a seamless property purchase experience in Croatia. By following the steps outlined below, you can navigate the process with confidence and clarity.

Step 1: Send an enquiry to Croatian Estate

Reach out to our team at Croatian Estate, and we will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect property. Provide us with your preferences, such as property type, size, preferred locations, planned visits to Croatia, and budget. This information will enable us to curate a portfolio of suitable properties for your consideration.

Step 2: Price negotiation

Once you have selected your ideal property, we will initiate negotiations with the seller. Once both parties agree on the price, you have the option to choose your lawyer or utilize our in-house legal services (included in our agency fee). Throughout the process, we will continue to act as your agent.

Step 3: Choosing the purchase method – Private or Company?

Private purchase

EU citizens have the right to purchase real estate in Croatia privately. The same right is also granted to citizens of countries outside the EU, under the condition of reciprocity. The citizens of countries which have no reciprocity agreement with Croatia may purchase real estate in Croatia subject to approval by the Croatian Ministry of Justice (this usually takes no more than 3 months). Alternatively, they can opt to establish a Croatian company to acquire the property.

Company purchase

Many buyers choose this route when intending to use the property as a holiday home and an investment for rental purposes. Approval from the Ministry of Justice is not required for this option. We offer company setup services, which is a straightforward process in Croatia, typically taking up to 2 weeks. A minimum base capital of 20,000 Kuna (approximately 2,700 €) is required. The company must have a bank account and an accountant (costing around 200 €, depending on the company’s activities).

Step 4: Legal procedure

The lawyer will verify the property’s title, a crucial step considering past instances of improper documentation and registration. The lawyer will then prepare the purchase contract (or a preliminary contract if the full price is not paid upfront). This document is signed by the buyer, seller, and witnessed by a Notary Public.

Upon full payment, the seller provides the buyer with a Clausula Intabulandi (Tabular Statement) that allows the buyer to register their name as the new owner in the Land Registry books. The lawyer will apply for the transfer of title to the Land Registry (and, if necessary, to the Ministry of Justice) and submit the documentation to the local tax authority for calculating the real estate transfer tax. Additionally, the lawyer will facilitate the transfer of utility charges and ownership-related costs from the seller to the new owner.

Additional costs

Property Transfer Tax: 3% of the property value (assessed and determined by tax authorities).

Agency Fee: 3% + VAT. If you choose to utilize our partnered law office, this fee includes the following services:

  • Document verification
  • Preparation of property purchase contracts (final and/or preliminary)
  • Ownership registration application to the Land Registry and cadastral office
  • Submission of purchase documentation to tax authorities
  • Transfer of utility invoices from the seller to the buyer (water, electricity, communal charges)

We can also arrange additional services for you, including property cleaning, landscaping, garden maintenance, pool upkeep, repairs, design and construction, building supervision, property valuation, and moving services.