How to check a real estate ownership in Land Registry – Croatia

In Croatia, there is a possibility of transparent property ownership verification with just a few mouse clicks on your computer.

This allows us to access the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia at the following link:

You must have a title deed to fill in the following fields:

općinski sud / ZK odjel – name of the city of the competent court containing the land registry for the municipality where the real estate is located (eg. Šibenik, Split, Trogir, Supetar…)

glavna knjiga – name of the cadastral municipality where the property is located (eg Primošten, Podstrana, Okrug gornji, Milna..)

– My advice is to skip the third field (field part number) because of incompatibility of cadastral and land registry particles in some municipalities in Croatia and immediately move to the fourth field:

broj ZK uloška – is located on the top right corner of the title deed and is labeled as ZU number. copy it and click on the Browse button.

You will need to copy the control number that will appear on your screen. After that, you will get an insight into the Land registry for real estate that interests you.

From the title deed you can read the name of the real estate owner, the existence of a real estate mortgage, whether there is any court dispute over the property etc.

Certainly, before your real estate purchase, your real estate agent or attorney should go to the Land Registry of the competent court and make a direct insight into the land registry because unfortunately not all the information on the ministry’s website is verified.

Another very useful link for verification of ownership of real estate with the possibility of issuing documents electronically is the e- građanin(e-citizen):

For the time being, both portals are only in Croatian language and we hope that soon they will be available in other languages ​​as well.

If you need help in this process, feel free to contact us at the following mail: It will be our pleasure to help you!