Historical real estates in Croatia

In addition to the current economic situation in the world and the expansion of tourism, historical real estates along the sea-coast become increasingly interesting investments, especially if they lie in the right location. Since the tourist market and the desire to own a real estate at your favorite historical destinations are increasing, you can be assured that you will increase the value of the property over the next few years.

The greatest interest is shown for the Adriatic region, i.e. the historical core of Split and Dubrovnik. Closeness to the airport and the availability of tourist activities and facilities such as organized tours, excursions, restaurants etc. are of great importance if you want to attract tourists and maintain interest in short term accommodation.

It should also be borne in mind that such historic real estates require special care and maintenance. If you decide to renovate it, it is important to know that historic property can conceal structural problems that involve additional costs, and if it is protected as a historical building or is located in the historic area, additional permits for any renovation or repair are required.

Of course, you can always apply for financial support for the protection and preservation of cultural objects at the Ministry of Culture.

It is important to note that recovery from the economic crisis continues and is growing, and the real estate prices will increase accordingly, so do not miss the opportunity to buy a property in Croatia.

If you want to match the reasonable price and satisfaction by investing in real estate, you should definitely consider Croatia. This small country is considered one of the most beautiful on the continent, and the crystal blue sea, undiscovered beaches, numerous lakes and rivers, as well as mountains and historic towns – are just some of the evidence for it.